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We all know that organizing and planning for a simple wedding takes a lot of time. It needs to through a series of long procedures – even if it is just a simple wedding. How do we ensure the planning process goes well without any obstacles?



Of course, by preparing a wedding checklist it will help your planning process to go according to the plan. To organize an ideal wedding, it is best to start 1 year ahead. According to the wedding checklist expert, WeddingsOnline.ie, for the first 4 months (12 months – 9 months ahead), we have got to decide on the wedding budget, wedding theme, how many guests are you planning to invite, choose a venue and date, and wedding photo-shooting.


When you’re done with the things above, you still have 8 more months to go. You should listen to suggestions from Wedding.com.my, they are the expert in wedding planning. Start thinking about your wedding hall decoration, arranging your guest seats, booking your DJ, hair & makeup artists, find the best dresses for bridesmaids & yourself, or perhaps choosing the best suits for your groom. You should also start planning for your event schedule, ceremony and entertainment.


The wedding day is getting nearer. Don’t panic, there are just few more things for you to take care! According to OneFabDay.com, the ultimate wedding checklist guideline, 4 months before the wedding you should start sending invitations to your guests! Besides that, remember to rehearse for your wedding dinner and double checking on the wedding details. Make sure you don’t miss out anything. Coordinate your photographers, wedding suppliers and so forth so they know what to do on that day. Last but not least, remember to have sufficient sleep so that you can present the most beautiful side of you!



By now you should have an idea on planning your wedding. With a wedding checklist together with you things will rarely go wrong. If you are looking for a fun entertainment for your wedding guests, you can always look for photo booth rental from us now to bring laughter to your guests!