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Photo Booth Backdrop 


Photobooth backdrops

Photobooth Backdrops


Besides having a variety of fun photo booth props and also the colourful photo layout template, the photo booth’s backdrop is quite essential in a photo booth picture and make up a huge part of the final shot. Backdrops have the power to enhance the objects in the pictures if used correctly. Impress your guests with specially designed backdrops that are customised the event name, logo or dates.

LovelyPhotoBooth.com offers two kinds of backdrops that you can opt for.

First, we have a large range of ready-made backdrops which are available in many colours to choose from. There’s something really good about a backdrop that it adds something really special onto your photobooth so that you easily create the best feel there is in your event. You can easily get the best backdrop there is, all it takes is for you to pass on your ideas to us and we’ll let our professional graphic designer to create the design that you always wanted. We’ll also show you a few drafts for you to choose from and when that’s settled you can easily select the one that’s right for you. If our ready-made backdrops are not exactly what you had in mind, then feel free to get together with our design team and discuss on your thoughts and ideas for a customised backdrop for your upcoming event. There’s something special about a customised backdrop that fits your theme together with customised props and you’ve got yourself one complete package. If that doesn’t get you and your guests excited then we don’t know what will.

We will however include some extra charges for the cost of design and printing.

Here are some examples of our backdrops:


  • Plain
    – White, Silver, Pink, Purple, Maroon, Black
  • Fringe
    – Rainbow, Gold
  • And many more!


  • Create a backdrop that represent your event
  • Our in-house designers will help you with your ideas
  • Customise a backdrop based on your:
    – Name/s
    – Theme
    – Date
    – Event name
    – Corporate logo, and many more…