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If you are organizing an event like seminar, workshop, conference or even a gathering party, your guests would be expecting some pre-event activities for them to kill time. Indeed, there are so many things you can before the main event starts but which one is the one that can bring much fun & joy to the guests? Of course there are so many typical things you can do like serving your guests food or having ice breaking session. But on top of that, you could try the following activities too – just to spice up the environment!



If you’re running out of ideas, try to have some games and activities for the guests to win some prizes. As according to EventBrite.com, you can tap into the audience’s competitive sides. Some of the simple and yet fun games you can do is to have a “Shoot to Win”, “Crossword Puzzle” or “Guess to Win”. This allows them to have fun before the event and wins some attractive prizes.



Other than that, you can also try to have some lucky draw as event activity to grab the attendees’ attentions. According to NimlokTradeShowMarketing.com, prizes are one of the most attractive components for the event. It needs not to be a very complicated one, it’s pretty simple if you think about it. Just assign each attendee with a number when they register for the event, then you as the organizer will announce the winner during the event itself. Simple, right?



If the above ideas do not appeal to you, how about a very simple one. Say, a photo booth service for the event guests! According to ElectricDreamz.com, photo booth is one of the best pre-event activities for guests. It allows the guests to take pictures and have fun among themselves without much effort. With professional photographers and fast printing service, the guests can get their photos instant. How cool is that?



By following the suggestions above, you could provide some fun & joy for your guests. If you’re looking for photo booth rental, you can always contact us for more information!