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Photo Booth Rental in Malaysia


In western countries, photo booths have always been a trend to have during wedding parties, formal events and many more celebrations for quite some time now. Here in Malaysia, the trend of having a photo booth has just started and it is getting more and more popular by the day. For those who are planning an event, perhaps you’d want to try having a photo booth there for some extra fun.


Photo booths are always enjoyable for various reasons.

Encourages interaction

Having a photo booth is a way of encouraging guests who are not familiar with each other, or between acquaintances who rarely talk. In a photo booth, guests will enjoy posing as silly as they want. Just by doing silly actions, this creates jokes and laughter among guests. Indirectly it can be used as a subject to talk about for the rest of the event. No more of those lonely and individual selfies, with a photo booth guests can easily interact with each other through a common interest.


Photo booths are fun to enjoy for all ages. People of all ages enjoy capturing pictures in photo booths. Afterwards, the printed pictures can be shared with friends and family. Plus! Photo booth requires only four easy steps:

  1. Grab a few of your friends
  2. Pick out some props of your choice
  3. Stand in front of the photographer, and pose!
  4. Collect your photos instantly at the collection counter

Fun props

Photo booth rental usually provide packages that comes along with props. Your guests are free to play around with all the unique photo booth props that are provided.

Capture memories

Photo booths provide instant prints so that guests get to take their own copy of the picture to take home.

So now that you have made up your mind and want to have a photo booth at your upcoming event…
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